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Bal Vikas / Day Care

Safe space where migrant mothers can leave their children when they go to work. https://rzp.io/l/kutumba

Kutumba Counseling

Passionate about the fact that a desperate need to be listened to cuts all barriers. https://rzp.io/l/kutumba

Kutumba Kitchen

Motivating and training women to earn a living so that their children stay in school. https://rzp.io/l/kutumba

Sew and Stitch

Bringing women together for a time of learning and updating skills. https://rzp.io/l/kutumba

Community Programs

Making people aware of values for physical, mental and emotional wellness. https://rzp.io/l/kutumba

Covenant of Peace(COP)

The Covenant of Peace service, for resolution of conflicts through Mediation, Conciliation or Negotiation.

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