Kutumba was established to meet a very urgent need. That of providing the much needed nurture and care to children and young women with special needs. In the space of fifteen years we have moved the home more than five times and a couple of times we had to take up a first floor facility. It was high time they had their own space and within the space of one year by God’s grace we were able to build a facility. Going through every stage, building the infrastructure, getting the licenses to receive funding, creating the needed awareness and of course educating has been a continuous exciting path. Many challenges still remain.


Women with disabilities suffer from the double burden of being a woman in our persistently sexist society and being labeled as disabled in this persistently disability-phobic society. - Susan Halliday.

  • Housemother – The facility can take in 16 girls; to care for these girls we need a full time house mother; for this we need to be able to pay a salary so that the mother can stay in the house full time.

    Nutrition – the need to provide high quality nutrition and vitamin supplements for the children.

  • Security – Kutumba is located in a remote place. We need security to ensure that the girls are safe.

  • On-campus vocational training – there is a need to provide on campus vocational training to enable the girls to attain skills in professions that they can practice in the real world. We are looking at training them as beauticians, seamstresses, and in other professions such as flower arrangement, supply of consumable items to grocery stores, supply of plants to offices.

  • Health care – the need to provide regular medical care as well as ensure care for any catastrophic illness that might occur while the girls are in our care. We would like to have a doctor visit the facility at regular intervals so that basic healthcare is taken care of.

Plans for the future
The vision and deep commitment of Mrs. Esther Cornelius  has encouraged us to take a step in faith and  pray for Kutumba  to establish a tribal mission at the Yelegiri hills near Vaniambady. A few students from the department of social work, Ambedkar college of Management studies visited the Yelegiri hills in February of 2006 and have done a preliminary survey of the households and the imminent needs. One of the pressing needs is a school and hospital. It is our hope that Kutumba will be able to put up a tribal mission hospital in the coming year.

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